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Originally Posted by Nmbrsix View Post
Nice work. 202k miles on an A3q? Wow!

The Allroad is soon to be for sale. 6MT with a ton of maintenance done (recent clutch/PP/flywheel, control arms, timing belt, all air suspension replaced, SAI, after-run pump, injectors, ignition control modules, etc.)
202k wasn't easy! Top end engine rebuild with new valves and cams at 160k, these cars eat wheel bearings and spit out timing belts. The FSI engine is probably the modern day equivalent of maintaining a 1960s Alfa. I beat the hell out of it commuting 400 miles a week, only been on the flatbed 2 times (so far!) When it comes time for timing belt service again, I'll probably be looking to replace it with a newer TDI.
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