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3 car guys and a day of 986 projects

I've been focused mainly on mechanical updates to my new 986S over the past couple of months. Which means I've not done any significant cleaning or dealt with a few issues that have been bugging the crap out of me. Today was that day. A buddy of mine is far more OCD than I am, which meant his garage was the perfect place to work on this stuff.

He graciously lent me his driveway, vast arsenal of detailing supplies, chemicals, tools, and microfiber towels (so. many. towels.) to help me fix up the 986S.

Eurobeige. All of the Eurobeige. Plus a fancy lad.

Lots of stuff being removed/broken/?? here

My buddy found something that wasn't properly fastened. Then he found another. So out comes the massive library of correct fasteners to correct these issues. (For which I thank him very much. It would have taken me years to get to this.)

Then these POS eBay ripoff versions of Porsche Tequipment parts have been ugly, cracked warts on the rear end of my car since I bought it. I've been avoiding taking them off as they looked to be a PITA to remove. My buddy was having none of that. Out came the Dremel and a very serious cutoff wheel.

Some fiberglass dust later and that was that.

Immediately better. But then the exhaust tips were disgusting and the muffler was visible. This would not do. No sir. Then I learned the very dangerous phrase of the day: "You know what we could do..." which led to this:

And this led to me under the car with a can of high-temp black paint. And some metal polish with 0000 steel wool followed by wadding polish. Which led to this much improved butt:

There was lots of other cleaning, polishing, vacuuming, and various other small fixes done, in which the phrase "You know what we could do..." was repeatedly used. The end result:

All in, the list of stuff that was done:
-Top cleaned/protected with RaggTopp products
-Wheels fully cleaned front/rear and polished/waxed
-Tires cleaned
-Windscreens snugged up with felt
-Interior detailed
-Seats treated (again) with Lexol
-Car fully washed
-Stupid eBay parts removed from rear apron, muffler painted flat black, tips cleaned/polished
-Correct running light bulb installed in rear lights
-Fasteners replaced in front rain tray area
-Front license plate remounted correctly

A car that finally looks as good as it drives. All the thanks to my buddies for their tools, supplies, and labor.
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