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Originally Posted by TypeA View Post
Installed Eibach lowering springs and Bilstein sport struts today. Used parts with approx 30k miles were $450 off craigslist. Install was $450 included alignment and a couple of part swaps in better shape off the stock struts. Sadly half of Oregon and Washington is on fire and the prevailing winds are pushing the smoke into my area so I may not get a chance to run Larch mountain and really test the performance improvements this weekend. However the drive home from the shop left me pulling into the garage with a big cheesy grin on my face, or so the wife said. My ride quality didnt suffer nearly as much as I thought it would and the performance is notably improved, even the view out the windshield is different. You wouldnt think an inch would make that big of a difference on the view but it certainly does. Last pic are the final alignment numbers...

Lovely car!
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