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Morning Geachie,

I have two remote keys and one of mine performs the same as yours, I keep it as a spare. There will be some people along soon who will add volume to this thread but from my research previously with respect to my duff key I think your problem may well be with a failure of the circuit board on your key.

If your indie has the Durametrics cable and software, they should be able to query the alarm system to see if there are any microswitch failures and determine which one, if any.

I have a microswitch issue that means I can only lock the car with the remote and only if I press the lock key on the key twice in quick succession, which disables the infra red microswitch in the passenger cabin, and the car responds with one beep on the alarm. two beeps indicates a locking failure and the car is promptly unlocked. I suspect I have a problem with the infrared microswitch in the passenger cabin.

I can live with my alarm as it is until I visit the US later this year and pick up the Durametrics software for $300 rather than paying the UK rights holder 300 + VAT over here....
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