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Thanks so much for the support. I own a blue 2001 Boxster so the love for the 986 is personal.

To answer your questions...

The waterproof case comes in a KIT with some of the tools needed (like the rare E12 torx driver that most people don't have), accessories (fuse extension) and instructions for $150.

We had to reopen the case while we were shooting the installation video and the silicone does hold it strongly but it can be reopened with a little patience.

HOWEVER, we included a Fuse Extension in the kit to avoid having to reopen the case once it is sealed if the Immobilizer fuse were to fail.

When it comes to disconnecting the battery some people will have to move their electric seats back and forth, so it's better to keep it connected. Plus, we recommend that the Immobilizer functions get tested during the installation. Therefore as long as you are careful with the circuit board of the Immo the battery can stay connected.

I'll PM you the link to order, but it can be done from the front page of our website.
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