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NEW: Porsche Boxster Immobilizer CLU Waterproof Case

Hello everyone,

As some of you may already know, we talked about designing a waterproof case for the Alarm Immobilizer Unit in Boxsters and 996s.

These units get water damaged easily if the convertible top is left open during rain, or just by the accumulation of water by the car's water drains, because Porsche installed them right on the floor of the car.

The costs entailed to repair this problem can reach $1,000's easily, that's why it would be more cost effectuve to protect the CLU to begin with.

Therefore, after many months of revisions and working with vendors to complete this enclosure, we began shipping waterproof cases last week to the members that where on our waiting list.

Below are a few screenshots of the installation video final Immobilizer Waterproof case.

If you are curious about how it is mounted here is the installation video: Porsche Immobilizer CLU Waterproof Case - Installation instructions - YouTube and PDF instructions:

We're excited about this project and what it could mean to the Porsche community.

Please share if you know someone that could benefit from this.
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