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Originally Posted by njbray View Post
I have one of these - it's made for the car so no need to worry about fitment. 1 1/2" sounds a bit too long to me.
2001 Porsche Boxster Roadster H6 2.7L ECS News Porsche 986 Boxster ECS Magnetic Drain Plug
That looks nice
Much bigger magnet than the LN.

Originally Posted by NewArt View Post
Just a note about the ECS magnetic plug. I had one and found that the metal was very easily stripped by the allen socket. Maybe mine was torqued too much by the last tech, but when I did my own oil change this time, I had one hell of a time removing the plug. Ended up cutting a slot in the plug, pushing a chisel bit up with a jack, and freeing it with a vice-grip!
My guess would be that the shop didn't follow the torque specs if it was that tight.
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