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Originally Posted by 911monty View Post
You're right! That's way too nice to part out. Which brings up how'd you come across it? You sold the engine, was it running? If so why did someone let this go to a dismantler? Fantastic score and sounds like you have the parts to customize very nicely! Congrats!!
Thanks. I buy them at the insurance auctions or people come to me. The immobilizer got wet and that's all that was wrong with it. A lot of boxsters get written off by the insurance companies because of that. The insurance companies list them as flood damage and that scares off a lot of buyers. I threw in a spare immobilizer into it and it started right up. We had some heavy rains here in Texas a few months back and there's a wave of flood damaged porsches coming up right now. Some look like they've been sitting on the bottom of a muddy river and then some look like this one. I'm picking up another one tomorrow that looks almost as clean. I had to sell the motor out of this one to keep the money ball rolling. I can't afford a whole car right now. That, and I really want more power then a 3.2!! Once my bank account bounces back, I'll find a nice 3.4 to put in it.
Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Congrats Woody! Finally. Two years waiting? Great choice, beautiful color especially with the dark top.
Thanks. I originally was going to fix up an ocean blue 97. Then it was a base black 03. Both had 80,000+ miles and both needed almost a complete overhaul (someone had shot the 97 through the cluster). Not a big deal when you own a boxster salvage yard. I had almost all the parts to convert them to an S too.
The arena red isn't my favorite color, but I can live with it. I'm brainstorming the idea of a two tone paint job. I'm thinking about having something like this but without all those lines
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