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I've had a few boxsters to choose from as they came into my salvage yard. One would come in and I would say to myself "this will be the boxster I'm keeping". Then a nicer boxster would come in and then I would make it the boxster I'm going to keep. That's until I got this arena red boxster on Friday. This one was too nice to part out, so I've decided to make it my personal boxster. It only has 52,000 with the black leather interior package and rear speakers. All this time I've been waiting for the right boxster, I've been collecting parts. I have the following.
Hard top
Short shifter
GT3 bumper cover and side skirts
Rear wing
03 rear bumper cover
clear headlights (future projector upgrade)
tinted taillights and side
996 cluster
Headers and either a dansk sausage or Chinese made aftermarket muffler(need to see which one I think sounds better)
18 inch wheels (forget brand but they look like Fiske)

I sold the motor already and plan on jumping up to a 3.4 as soon as I can afford/find a good one
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