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Originally Posted by Brucelee
Let me be blunt here, Jim.

You have an attitude and I don't like it.

If you would like to frequent another forum on Boxsters, be my guest.

Otherwise, cut the crap!


Your Moderator!

OK I'll ignore it all. I'm just used to having much tighter controls over the forums, but many of the forums I deal with are 100k+ members with many kids and you really have to be tight. I'm not saying thats the case here, but we don't let people post off topic in any forum they want.

It's your sandbox run it how you like. I'm a moderator nazi and I keep things in order on other boards, it's hard to go elsewhere and see things run completly differently. I will, however, try and not moderate where I'm not a moderator.

If you wan't me not to visit here anymore I'll stop. Just Pm me with your intensions. This thread has gone long and far enough off topic already.
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