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Originally Posted by 986Jim
Nobody is disputing is contributions to the forum, if he is a nice guy or if we like him or not. He has a Boxster so of course we like him. But 20 lines of info is a bit much. Normally no more than 4 lines is pretty standard across the web. I'm sure we are all a part of other boards and follow rules like that...

Just seems so lackadaisical around here, people post wherever they want about whatever they want, huge signatures and off topic posts all over the place, it's a mess in most of the forums...

To each their own I guess. I'm a moderator on a few other DSM boards and we don't let guys get away with stuff like that. Posting how to edit my signature in the general area would be grounds for a 1 week temporary ban on other boards..

Just my 0.02...
Let me be blunt here, Jim.

You have an attitude and I don't like it.

If you would like to frequent another forum on Boxsters, be my guest.

Otherwise, cut the crap!


Your Moderator!

Rich Belloff

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