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Originally Posted by healthservices View Post
I got a issue where the car stumbles coming to a stop especially from high speeds but also at times going into gear. At high speeds it acts as if the torque converter is locked up, dis-engages and re-engages and unlocks one more time.

Wondering if there is a signal from a throttle position, nose switch, or if there is an issue with the lockup in the convertor on this transmission.

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OK. The Tip has its own controller, which is sort of mini DME. It is attached to the trans by a ribbon cable that controls a series of solenoid valves mounted on a plate under the valve body of the transmission. This setup controls every function of the gear box. On egas cars, the throttle position informationcomes from the DME to the Tip controller.

If you have access to a Porsche specific scan tool like Durametric, you can scan the system looking for faults or codes.

A common fault area is the connectors on the ribbon cable running to the trans. If they get wet, or get oil in them, the system goes nuts. While they can be cleaned with electronic contact cleaners, be careful with the cable as it is pricey to replace.

If the electronics plate in the trans is bad, that is also a very pricey replacement. Sometimes the solenoid's fail or clog, which leads to strange behavior.
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