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Don't know the age or condition of your car and WP. Before you replace the pump, open access panel behind seats. Remove serpentine belt and spin, push and pull WP pully to see if you feel any bearing issue. If bearing feels ok, reinstall belt, start your car and look for the leak.
Also check the WP bolts for tightness. torque is light...something like 7-9 Ft-lbs.

I replaced the WP on my 2000S at about 118K miles after slight leak. During replacement, I felt as though the leak was actually weeping from a fastener. I went ahead and replaced the WP as I had a replacement and had the car on a lift (and removed motor mount to make WP R/R easy). When I pulled my old pump, it looked fine and there was no play in the bearing.

I'm pretty sure snugging up the WP bolts would have solved the problem.

Not saying my pump wouldn't have failed at any moment in the future but I think it was really ok.
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