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Originally Posted by 986Jim
First off your signature is ridiculous and should be removed IMO. Etiquette on most boards is no more than 4 lines of text and a picture if allowed and not overly large. Your signature take up half a page on the screen almost and is mostly useless info about your car, nobody cares about all your stock options. Just list a few on a line and be done with it.

Again what does this have to do with General Boxster discussions? Try the lounge maybe, even this isn't lounge material to be honest.

Hey Jim, relax a little dude! I obviousley want to edit my signature, but can't. I did not post this info, Brucelee did a few ago, when trying to help me out.

There are several posters on this Forum that have as large or much larger signatures than mine.

The reson I listed the option codes is because people doing a search in the future may find valuable info and get a hit. I have seen more than a dozen "option code" questions over the past several months.

It was also suggested a few months ago, maybe prior to your arrival, to list more info in our signature lines to help other forum members better understand our specific cars.

I respect your opion...we may just disagree.
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