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Originally Posted by bmussatti
Don't forget an old car will have less technology to protect against theft (liked chipped keys and alarms), less technology to protect its occupants against fatalities (like air bags, and side impact protection) and less technology to actually avoid accidents (like ABS and PSM). Thes things too must impact insurance rates. Just a thought.

I agree with you except for the part about the ABS and PSM reducing the likelyhood of an collision.

True, these things offer the Driver better control so that they can maneuver away from an immanent impact, but statictically, the number of collisions has not been correspondingly reduced. Your application will ask if your Car is so equipped, but it isn't really reflected in the rates charged, because like most insurance, those who don't need it end up paying for those who do.

This is because people are not taught to actually use these innovations when the need arises. Most still Freeze, Grab the Wheel tightly, and Brace for Impact. This why I believe that DE and Auto-X are benefitial for the average Driver, because they gain confidence and the knowledge of what their Car can do, and this translates into better day-to-day driving...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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