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My wife brought to my attention that my Insurance states that I have a Carrera GT. Now, this was news to me since I was pretty sure I'd bought a Boxster. Still, I was certainly interested to find out if I did indeed buy a Carrera GT. Apparently my wife was still married to me, no iminent foreclosure on my house, and the car in the garage said "Boxster".

While obviously disappointed, I called my insurance agent to point out the error. After numerous clicks and clacks in the background I heard, "That's weird". Apprently, changing my car from a Carrera GT to a Boxster actually RAISED my rates. Seeing as I've been with the same insurance guy for over 20 years, we kept it at the lower rate. So, as far as the world is concerned (or at least the insurance world), I own a Carrera GT. HA! And I did it without even knowing it. I'm hoping I "pick up" an Enzo when I buy some shoes tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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