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If I were buying a new 987S today, I'd order it with these "musts":

Litronics (I love mine and think they're totally cool)
Sport Chrono (for what it does to the car, not the stupid stop watch)
Bose with windstop (this is not a bad factory system one can live with for a long time)
Heated Seats (Adds another month or more to driving the car each year)
Floormats (what the heck, who'd buy a Porsche and skimp on the floormats?)

Stuff like seat memory, ceramic brakes, 19's, a full leather interior and other goodies just don't do anything for me although they might be huge for others.

However, I don't have $60k to do this, so it's just a pipe dream! One day though, I'm gonna walk into a dealership and order me a brand new Porsche just the way I want it and take European delivery. Spending a month in Germany (to get enough miles on the car to move through the break in period) ripping up the autobahns and driving the Nurburgring sounds like the most fun a guy could have with his clothes on!
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