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Originally Posted by Rondog
I am in the enviable position of buying a new Boxster S..... I've decided to go with Tiptronic as it better suits how i will use the car. Honestly, i'll have to stretch for the car so i really cannot fully load the car..... so if you were me..... what is essential???
Obviously this is a very subjective question, but as for what I'd consider essential (and I'm basing this on the options available for the Australian-spec 986, which is what I've got, so apologies if some of these are standard in a US-spec 987):

1. Heated Seats

I don't know what the climate is where you are from, but in my part of the world 6 months of the year is fairly dry but quite cold. Heated Seats, whilst they sound a bit unnecessary, mean that for those months I can keep driving with the roof down without needing to run the heater at maximum just to stay warm.

2. Memory Seats (fully electric)

How useful these are depends on if you are the main driver or if you share your car with someone else. My Boxster S is shared about 50/50 between my wife and I, and having the seat & mirrors automatically moved to the right spot when you unlock the car is a great convenience.

3. PSM (though I think it's standard now on the 987 S?)

Probably prevented a 996 I was a passenger in running off the road when a fellow road-user decided to swerve into our lane around a fairly high-speed corner in the wet. Forget the panel damage that was avoided - that option pretty much saved 4 lives.

From there I would consider anything else a bonus - with $$$ left to spend I'd look at one of the hifi upgrades and/or the PCM with SatNav.

If you are really finding it hard to choose between certain options, check with your dealer as to what options are also available as Tequipment. Things like Litronics, PCM, interior trim, aerokits and wheels are all available from Porsche to be fitted down the track, where as transmission, PASM, SportChrono, memory seats etc can only be installed when the car is built. This gives you the ability to add options as money allows or if you find you really should have sprung for the 19"s.

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