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ebay grievance-need opinions

I bid and bought a OEM porsche new center dash console for a high bid of $25 plus $15 shipping (lists over $100). In the ebay ad (auto parts retailer with a feedback score of 98%), they showed a picture of an artic silver console with the corresponding porsche part no. Well, what arrived is an OEM new BLACK dash console in a new porsche box but the part no does not match what was advertised. Tried emailing the seller but no response thus far-2 days.

His ad says "don't assume anything not listed." the ad never said the console was artic silver, but showed a silver part. Either they shipped me the wrong part, or very deceptive advertising...

Dont really like leaving neg. feedback because they will likely do the same dropping my rating. Two days and they haven't answered my email or called..Will wait a few more days for a response.

What would you do?
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