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Randall, I feel for you guys re TWS. I don't know a lot about the particulars of this situation, but the issues strike a chord with me because of past experience.
IMO eminent domain should only be emloyed against private landholders in issues of physical security or substantial and significant broader public good, not mere financial gain to the government entity. Otherwise, none of us (nor our possessions) are safe from the privileged "corporate" or financial interest of our own government, a situation that many of our country's founding fathers died to get away from...

On the other hand, a group of private landowners who feel that a novel use of a nearby property may interfere with the full use and enjoyment of their own property, to me is a sympathetic entity. Perhaps if they could be reassured that there would be no adverse impact in the form of noise, traffic, litter, displacement of higher or more appropriate developmen t, etc, then opposition would dwindle.
If we want to be seen as anything other than rednecks and gearhead nerds with a budget for obnoxious toys, we'll need to reassure the public and track neighbors of our intent to be responsible and contributing neighbors that will not steal value or tranquility from others' property, and add something of value back to the community. If this can be accomplished, most barriers will fall. Barber did this in Birmingham - look how it turned out: a great track with community support that has grown the sport while attracting favorable attention.
Not sure a petition would change my mind about having a track next to the farm where 6 generations of my family have scratched at the earth, learned where food actually comes from, and cleared their heads while listening to the sounds of God's own creation.We may only pay taxes on the former use, but the latter uses are what bind us to the place and would cause us to oppose a development contrary in use. Just food for thought.
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