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Originally Posted by Qmulus View Post
Was the flywheel stock? I believe the crank is just a cast piece, nothing special.

Would someone really put a used water pump on their car? No offense, but that isn't a great idea unless you are broken down on the side of the road... Just my opinion.
The entire motor was 100% stock. I've blown up my fair share of motors, but I've never seen a crank fail like this. The crazy part is that the owner (at the time) drove it like this for about 5 miles. "I was obviously knocking pretty bad, but it was otherwise driving OK and I had no cell phone reception and the closest piece of civilization was 5 miles up the road..."

In regards to the water pump, I wouldn't hesitate to reuse a timing belt / chain driven pump. I've yet to see a bearing fail in any of these. The old domestic style water pumps that bolt a 5 lbs. cooling fan to the impeller shaft... yeah, I wouldn't reuse one of those if my life depended on it.

Oil pumps, on the other hand... I would never recommend reusing an oil pump.
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