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FS: 98% of a 2000 Boxster S 3.2L engine (in pieces)


I just registered today, and I plan on participating more in the future, but I wanted to first post that I have a complete 2000 Boxster S 3.2 engine that I'm willing to part out.... sans crankshaft.

I bought this car from a friend over a year ago with what he thought was a spun rod bearing. After tear down, I discovered that all rod bearings were perfectly fine, but the crankshaft itself had sheared itself into 2 pieces. The webbing between the #6 rod journal and rear main had completely broken.

Broken Crankshaft:

Besides the crankshaft, everything else appears to be in working order. The engine had 58,000 miles on it before the crank decided to end its life. I'm willing to part with anything from the air filter to the exhaust tips. All parts will either be sold or scrapped!

Please feel free to message me privately if there is anything in particular that is requested.


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