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Originally Posted by Wintermute
Ok, here's an alternative situation. I just stumbled on a 2002 Boxster S that looks really good (in pics anyway :P) that I'm going to take a look at today (33k miles, dark blue w/ tan interior, $30k asking price ). Now this car still has 4 months of the original warranty remaining. Since the car is still under warranty, how stringint of a PPI should I have done? The beauty of this one is: It's local, so I can take it to get inspected much easier than the other one. So should I still take it to the Porsche dealer?

This one is more expensive but with the remaining factory warranty I think it might be worth it since this will essentially be my primary car. I've already asked about most of the questions that were mentioned here, but haven't got a reply yet (sent an e-mail).

Yes, I would still recommend a PPI at a Porsche dealer.
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