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Yes, this is some great stuff I've been getting from Pete! And it's actually not a Porsche dealer that is doing the inspection, but rather CarFax's Inspection and Road Test service. This isn't exactly ideal, but I live 2 hours away from the car so getting over there to do an inspection myself is difficult. With the CarFax deal, they send someone to the car and give it a full cosmetic and mechanical inspection, and then do a road test to ensure there are no problems with the driveability.

It may not be as good as a Porsche dealer/mechanic, but it should turn up anything serious that might need to be looked into further or tell me to simply walk away. Plus it saves me making a 2 hour drive to find out that something is wrong.

Anyway, now I have a really great list of things to check off and look at when/if I return to give the car a final look. The upside is there is another car I found that is second on my list (due to the color mostly) if this deal falls through. I am hellbent on getting a Boxster if you couldn't tell

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