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TSBs - Get the list of TSBs (it's around here somewhere...) and check with your mechanic.
-- I found them on actually. I will make sure they have been taken care of.

The Engine VIN should match the vehicle VIN.
-- Gotcha. Where on the engine is the VIN located?

RMS stands for "Rear Main Seal" and is the bane of Porsche...
-- Ah, I've heard horror stories about the rear main seal failure. Hopefully nothing turns up in the maintenance records or in the inspection.

Windscreen - not trying to find bargaining chips for you - just think ya need it.
-- Ok, I guess I kinda misunderstood what you were saying. But I do agree that it would be nice to have. Is there somewhere that sells them for less, or maybe I could pick up a used one on eBay or something?

Roadtest - let it idle for a bit. Let it idle after if need be. You need to know this - it's really hard to check out and you'll only really know it's a problem if the temp is above normal.
-- Good advice.

Tools (if 2002's even come with them) are in the front with the spare (again if they even come with them) - there should be a cover over the spare. Inside should be the tool kit in a foam thingee. If all this is not applicable, you should check to see if you have the tool to remove the tamper-proof lug nut. It should be with the tool kit - if not, you need it and shouldn't have to pay for it.
-- I actually foung a great site that lists just about everything you need to know about buying a used Boxster.

Just want to make sure your keys actually work - they're not cheap ya know!
-- Oh no doubt. I don't wanna pay $250 for a new key. I will definatly check this out. What about the valet key? I don't know if it has one, but I know that those aren't too bad.

Do you mind telling this forum what you're looking to pay?
-- The asking price for this one is right at my limit, $27k. I'm trading in my old car and getting really good value for it, so that helps quite a bit. But $25-28k is my upper range, and at least a 2001.
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