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TSBs - Get the list of TSBs (it's around here somewhere...) and check with your mechanic.

The Engine VIN should match the vehicle VIN.

RMS stands for "Rear Main Seal" and is the bane of Porsche...

Windscreen - not trying to find bargaining chips for you - just think ya need it.

Roadtest - let it idle for a bit. Let it idle after if need be. You need to know this - it's really hard to check out and you'll only really know it's a problem if the temp is above normal.

Tools (if 2002's even come with them) are in the front with the spare (again if they even come with them) - there should be a cover over the spare. Inside should be the tool kit in a foam thingee. If all this is not applicable, you should check to see if you have the tool to remove the tamper-proof lug nut. It should be with the tool kit - if not, you need it and shouldn't have to pay for it.

Radio code should probably be with your documention - it's a grey credit card looking thing.

The latch causes the windows to lower a few inches.

Just want to make sure your keys actually work - they're not cheap ya know!

Do you mind telling this forum what you're looking to pay?

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