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Is this from a dealer or a private sale?
-- Dealer (not Porsche)

Have any and all TSBs been taken care of?
-- How would I be able to tell that?

Has the engine ever been replaced?
-- Would this show up in CarFax? Is it only a Porsche-dealer thing, or can anyone order a Boxster engine and hook it up?

Has it ever had an RMS problem?
-- What does RMS stand for?

Does it come with the wind-screen? To me this shouldn't even be an option - it's a requirement and it's around $400.00 to buy new.
-- No, but I really can't argue that as it IS an option. I agree it would be nice to have, but it's not a Porsche dealer so...

Inspect the top carefully - any rips that have been "repaired", wear patterns (which are normal - but can be indicative of a top that's been lowered wet). Is the glass/plastic in good shape.
-- Top is in perfect condition (but I will look at it a second time after the inspection to be sure). Plastic window looks as good as vinyl windows can look really.

It should be test driven to operating temperature - ensure that the temp is at 180 and not too far past it. If it goes past 180 too far you could have a blower (removes heat from engine area) or coolant problem.
-- The road test as part of the inspection is about 8 miles, so would that be enough time? I will be driving it myself of course.

Does it have all the tools?
-- As far as I can tell, but what exactly am I looking for?

Is the dash peeling back at the defroster vent?
-- No.

Do you have the radio code?
-- Unknown, will ask. If it is missing, what can I do? Can I request it from Porsche?

Operate the top yourself - is it smooth? Do the windows operate properly when you do this. Do they return to position when the top is closed.
-- The windows should lower slightly when the top is retracted, and then when it is closed they will raise up to seal, yes? What triggers the lowering/raising of the windows: The switch for the top or the latch?

How's the clutch feel? Does it seem like it's nearing replacement?
-- Will find out when I drive it. I hope it doesn't need to be replaced at only 35k miles.

Do your key/keys actually work for all functions? (Lock/Unlock/Trunk). If not - they should replace the key batteries and you should try it again.
-- Did not check the other key, but the first one worked fine.

Can you get an aftermarket warranty and if so - what does it cover?
-- Haven't looked at this, but I know it's available with many different coverage options. For a price of course.

Will they give you a 30 day or 90 day warranty for free if all of the warranty/TSB work is undocumented? (my dealer did this - and I'm so glad he did).
-- Another thing I will ask on my ever-growing checklist.

This are some really great questions guys! Stuff I really didn't think about before. This will be my first used car purchase (hell, first car purchase period really) on my own, so anything I can get to make sure I don't get a piece of junk with a nice wax job is awsome! Keep 'em coming!
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