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Is this from a dealer or a private sale?

Have any and all TSBs been taken care of?

Has the engine ever been replaced?

Has it ever had an RMS problem?

Does it come with the wind-screen? To me this shouldn't even be an option - it's a requirement and it's around $400.00 to buy new.

Inspect the top carefully - any rips that have been "repaired", wear patterns (which are normal - but can be indicative of a top that's been lowered wet). Is the glass/plastic in good shape.

It should be test driven to operating temperature - ensure that the temp is at 180 and not too far past it. If it goes past 180 too far you could have a blower (removes heat from engine area) or coolant problem.

Does it have all the tools?

Is the dash peeling back at the defroster vent?

Do you have the radio code?

Operate the top yourself - is it smooth? Do the windows operate properly when you do this. Do they return to position when the top is closed.

How's the clutch feel? Does it seem like it's nearing replacement?

Do your key/keys actually work for all functions? (Lock/Unlock/Trunk). If not - they should replace the key batteries and you should try it again.

Can you get an aftermarket warranty and if so - what does it cover?

Will they give you a 30 day or 90 day warranty for free if all of the warranty/TSB work is undocumented? (my dealer did this - and I'm so glad he did).

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