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Originally Posted by Homeboy981 View Post
Interesting response j.fro….what do mean by paying attention EXACTLY?

I know it will rev fast. Do you mean like doing a "rental car ram" thing?
Originally Posted by j.fro View Post
The car now definitely needs to rev a bit more so that it doesn't stall, but I also don't want to launch like a top fuel dragster. When the car was stock, it didn't take nearly as much attention to just drive away "normally".

The reason for the weight itself in the flywheel is the momentum. it keeps things constant. With a heavy weight flywheel it will tend to stay at its rpm when you let out the clutch. With a light weight flywheel, as soon as you let out the clutch there is no mass to keep the rpms where it was. Thus easier to stall a car with a light weight flywheel. This also allows the engine to change rpm quickly (like accelerating)
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