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Originally Posted by mikefocke View Post
I owned a Honda, an Acura and a Boxster. All of the around the same vintage and mileage. The Boxster was by far the most reliable in terms of trips to the mechanic. It was also the cheapest to maintain despite me giving it extra love (Michelin N-spec tires, Optima AGM battery, an extra O2 sensor, etc.). It never left me stranded, not something I can say about either of the Honda products.

Unfortunately, it also depreciated the most.
My Boxster is a 2003, my daughter learned to drive in it and took her driver's test in it. When it came time to buy her a car she wanted a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. So we found one, a 2003 model with 80k miles on it. I have had to make more repairs to that car then my Boxster that has way more miles. I bought the Eclipse for $4,000 and I bet I have put $3,000 or more into it in less then 2 years.

Right front knuckle busted on it while she was doing 65 mph, which folded the wheel under the car and sent her into a median. Luckily the median was snow covered and the car didn't bite into the ground and flip over on her, but the car did at least three 360 spins and slid a football field length before a hill that went up to another highway stopped the car.

Had to rebuild the whole right side suspension. Along with new wheels and tires and a new strut for the left side. There is also damage to the front bumper cover and the inner finder liner. Did a temp bonding fix on those. but I have a new bumper and finder liner bought for it.

Just got done putting new brakes on it. The front rotors were warped. Of course I got a nice set of drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads all the way around.

Right now it's leaking oil from both valve covers, needs an O2 sensor, needs a new alternator. The car has developed a squeak when you start up and stop. I have not tracked down where the squeak is coming from. It is clearly coming from the side that was rebuilt. I didn't replace the strut mount, so it could be that and the sway bar bushings need to be replaced, so it could be that.

I have all the parts bought to fix it, just have not had the chance to put them in.

Car looks nice though.

2003 Boxster S
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