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Originally Posted by Giller View Post
The downside to these boards is they can give you false impressions. Boards like this are more prone to complaint and concerns. Rarely do we see someone post "No problems today!" but there are 1000's of Porsche drivers out there who experience this daily. No problems. For every engine failure, how many clean beautiful P-Cars are out there with little to no problems?

No doubt there was some "bean counting" done when the car was produced (as the majority of all mass-produced items are) but I still fail to see how that has dramatically reduced the overall reliability of this car vs. other manufactures of similar age. Sure, there are lots of people out there who say their 12 year old pickup is in better shape than the Porsche - but there are just as many saying the opposite.
I agree with all you said, but I wasn't comparing a fairly modern Boxster to a contemporary car of similar age from another manufacturer. Indeed, I would find the Boxster to be likely far more reliable and with a better build quality than most other cars of a similar vintage. Instead, my comparison was of the Boxster to older Porsches - take your pick - 928s, 944s, 911s (early), and the build quality and ability to work on them is far different (better imho) than the modern Porsches. My 928, for example, was hand built - as were all of the earlier sharks.
I do a lot of work on my cars, and to me the differences in the quality are noticeable. That said, I do think the Boxster is a great car, but it does seem to have more than a fair share of issues - at least the 986 version.
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