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Interesting thread. As the owner of a 1999 2.5 approaching 100,000 miles, I understand it's only a matter of time before things fail. I'm not handy at all with a wrench, so I'm having to psych myself up for the inevitable repair expsenses. (There's also a big mystery at work with my Boxster, as I know next to nothing about the history of the car -- other than it was driven about 9,000 miles over a 7-year stretch by the previous owner).

In general, though, I've had very good luck with cars over the years. The only exceptions was a 1979 model Audi 5000s that had a tendency to overheat and required an engine rebuild, and a 1993 Nissan Sentra that seized because I (stupidly) let it run out of oil. My daily driver is a 2010 Maxima with 125,000 miles on the odometer. My only maintenance to date has been the scheduled oil changes and swapping out the transmission fluid at 100,000 miles.
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