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Originally Posted by woodsman View Post
I've owned a lot of Japanese vehicles and my first German one has been a real eye opener: half the life-cycle! I think that the Porsche that built our cars was almost broke and learning new ways of operating just to survive much as many low-volume builders of the day were. Another problem is that Porsche seems to want to re-invent every single part with a new design which decreases overall reliability in place of building on past successes.
At the end of the day Porsche (and other luxury German marques) cares most about the buyer's perceived value of their product and their relatively short-term experience of it (2-5 yrs?) versus the overall economy of a longer term of ownership for the more mundane stuff.
I think there is something to be said about the 'perceived value'. Porsche is a high end car - and they are marketed as such. These older cars don't make Porsche any money and most of us (not all) who own them own them because we can't afford a brand spanking new one. So yeah, Porshe's target audience is not us. It's the people who flip into a new one every few years.
That being said - if you cruise forums devoted to mature sportscars, you will hear a lot of the same thing. I know people who have old corvettes and they can experience some of the same pain we do. Cars age and sportscars are driven far more aggressively than say your Toyota Camry so will show their age earlier on.
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