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The engineers at Porsche designed these cars to hold up as unit. One that doesn't come off duty until the warranty is over. It stands to reason that that once the car's hours/miles are over the wrong side of the curve, the modeling takes over.

I remember an interview with an F1 driver at Williams saying that Patrick Head could look at a part and say "that new part from the factory will fail after x number of laps". And sure enough the part would fail after x number of laps.

My first 70K miles (or say 10 years), zero repairs really. The first 20 miles thereafter things started going very close to each other. At the time I though it more like disrupting the machine's rythm by taking out a critical component for that system. In my mind it throws off the efficiency of the system and the new part causes older ones to fail as they have to work harder.
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