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Originally Posted by Giller View Post
These cars are aging....most of us on here have 12+ years on them. Stands to reason things will break down in cycles. If one part of the suspension is going, probably more will soon follow and so on and so on. Parts don't last forever.

Preventive maintenance can help of course - the downside to that is you are spending money you might not have to spend for a few more years. Money well spent? Maybe......
When you by a new car, everything is new. Then it starts to age. I always, *almost* always drive old cars. I'll replace an alternator with 120k miles on it for just that reason. Same thing for anything that sees wear. when I've had new cars off the lot, there's a sense of invulnerability that comes with all the parts being brand new. I get some of that back by striking at wearing parts by replacing them before they can strike at me. That's just me.
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