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Think I'm hitting that car needing attention stretch. First couple of years no problems. Then the CEL came on.

One for a bad bank 1 knock sensor, which actually wasn't bad, the AOS lower tube runs right over the engine at the bank 1 knock sensor and it actually sawed through the knock sensor wiring. Soldered new wires in, that problem is fixed.

I also got cat conv. efficiency faults for both sides along with bad O2 sensors.

During my intake upgrade I noticed a slight bit of oil in the AOS tube, car doesn't smoke though. I figure this mucked up my cats. Also the top and lower AOS tubes where very brittle and I actually snapped both. Temp fix on that is working fine.

So I need to replace the AOS and it's upper and lower tubing.

The cat issue, well I'm changing to headers with 100 cel cats and getting secondary cat delete pipes. This has been a plan I wanted to do anyways so the cats could have been fine, but they were going bye bye anyways.

O2 sensors, with 116k miles on the car, can't complain.

I'll be doing all the work myself and the cost will be $1,892 for all the parts and I get a performance upgrade.

I had the turn signal switch break too. I put in a 4 stalk and enabled the OBC, so now I get all those cool features that I always wished I had.

During a plug change, noticed I needed to replace the coils.

So in retrospect, the AOS and coil issues are the only things that were not a planned expenditure.

EDIT: I forgot about the starter. Although it was working fine I would get that embarrassing squeal every now and then, but always with people around lol. I bought and installed a new starter for it.

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