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Ok, reservoir tank changed out, it took longer to get it out than to get it in of course. I found that this job would have been almost impossible with the use of the cable clamp tool, Craftsman Cable Operated Hose Clamp Pliers. For $42 the investment is worth it.

It should also be noted that if you ever do change one of these out, replace the original water hoses with new ones, not only is it cheap insurance, but it makes the installation so much more simple due to the fresh rubber hoses that flex and bend easier than the old OEM hoses. I also found it to be easier to assemble the water lines if I detached the simple clamps that held the water lines to the underside of the carriage to allow a bit of movement.

It's a pain in the a#$ to do this job, and I really never want to do it again, but if I ever do, I have the right tools and the knowledge to be able to say I can do it in 3-4 hours. :-)
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