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Exhaust and wheel spacers

Hi guys, well I guess the mod bug just never ends!!

Is time for a nice decent exhaust and probably by pass for our 03 boxster S at home.

We pretty much narrow down to 2 choices. A) GHL exhaust (after hearing so many excellent comments about it and B) Super sprint.

Please give some input as to what you guys think is better. I know power gains aren't so much into play since these are NA cars but 1 more pony is 1 more and everything counts. I really really want to chase down that Cayman S but with the stock setup is really difficult and I know it takes a lot so this will be a little project.

Secondly we are planning to get a set of spacers for both the front and rear. We currently have the optional Carerra narrow 5 spoke rims but find the stock offset is a little too conservative. What would be the best size spacer to get?

Thank you for your advice.
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