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how about swapping in a 3.2 engine from a 986 S car? that should get you the 30 to 40 hp you need. you sound handy so should be able to do the swap yourself, so just looking at the cost of the engine (uncertain what you pay in the uk, but around $5k in north America).

otherwise, tpc did make a supercharger kit but they are discontinued and hard to find (iA - imagine automotive - did a kit also but i'd be surprised if they got any out the door before they went out of business). 996 supercharger kits won't fit (996 kits tend to use vortech-style blowers high up on the engine with the accessories, but no room in a similar location on the boxster; tpc hung an Eaton blower down by the exhaust on their kit). not much of anything available for turbo kits (I don't think turbowerx are doing kits any more, but turbokraft are selling the same kit reworked) except for tpc - their current stuff is more popular with the 987 crowd, however, so you might find more info/used kits over at planet 9.
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