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Smile Boxster supercharger kit WANTED, REMAPPING/Advice fitting

Hello everyone
This is a long shot, but I have been looking for a supercharger kit to buy for the boxster 986 1997 2.5L for over several months now. I am aware of turbowerx, evo motorsport etc and have spoken to alot of people through email at the garages but I have seen them much cheaper on older forums when people were selling them so I am looking for a kit preferable in the UK

I am only really trying to get an extra 30-40 bhp so any alternative to a supercharger kit would be good, I have looked at the stage 2- remap, exhaust, and v-flow induction kit, but if there is a cheaper way then any advice will be great to see what other people have done.

I was also wondering if a 911 supercharger would fit. There are alot of universal turbo kits I have looked into as well but I have been down that route and them universal turbocharger kits are rubbish and 99% of the time when I've used them on previous cars, Bmw E46, E36, etc they have taken alot of work to fit.

Anyway hope someone can help or give any advice/ or if anyone has done this mod then any advice would be great.

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