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Bridge points

Doug, You jumped the gun a few days to early. I have other problems and I am not sure they are related to this install.

Here is what I know so far. Your original stop light switch had two wires.
One Black(runs from ignition to BS 14/2 and from there to old SL switch)second wire Black/Orange(runs from switch to BS 5.)

New Stop light switch has three wires:
1. hock up old black wire from original SL switch to #1 on new stop light switch.
2. hock up old BK/OR wire from original SL switch which was already run to BS 5
3. run a new wire from the new SL light switch #2 to BS 5
4. run wire from new stop light switch #4 to plug J on cruse control box.

The female plugs that are used for all BS connections are VW part number 000-979-151-EA.

I do not have the part number for female terminal on stop light or clutch switch

You also need to run three more wires to BS 14/2
1. from cruse control box H to BS 14/2 #6 a BK wire from clutch switch to BS 14/2 #8 wire from cruse control steering column switch #2 to BS 14/2 #7

I am in the process of getting Porsche to turn on my cruse control on Tues. and I will then be able to tell you if it all works.

The part number for the female wire connecter that go to you BLUE plug in your
gauge pack are VW part number 000-979-010-E and you have to be really careful when installing them. The wire runs from K on the cruse control box to pin #16 and is split and also runs to pin#8 on diagnostic plug. I do not have the part number for this female connector.

A wire needs to be run from A on cruse control box to BS 1/1

The rest of the diagram is straight forward.

Don't trust anything and double check it all. If you find something wrong please let me know.

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