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bought another boxster, want to swap parts

so my 01 s (second one) hit again. so I bought another 01 S. except this one kinda lackluster Vs my old one. so I was wondering, first; if I swap the 17s for my old 18s, will I need to calibrate my speedo. (both factory turbo twists) and most importantly the headlights. my older S had the factory HIDs that auto adjusted. will I swap those in for the halogens with ease.

also if anyone wants spare parts let me know. plan on selling the engine and transmission and other parts that weren't damaged.
01 Boxster S BlacK/Black 6 speed (Totaled: Engine, Trans, and ECU Salvaged)

2001 boxster S Grey/Grey 6 Speed ( not stock and don't know whats been done to it)
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