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Originally Posted by biglimited View Post
Me again here... Is it totally useless to change only front pipes (headers?) from motor if one doesnt change those middlepipes (Cats)? Muffler is that loud Manzo...
These both come quite cheap but those damn racecatalysators are so expensive!

Sorry but Question: What are those two short wires(?) or cables in the picture? Close together. They locate down near (www.pel) text?
How to: 986 3.2S Back Box removal - How To - Didnt find any Random/QuickQuestion section here...
If you have only got one pair of cats (middlepipes) and none in the manifolds (headers/front pipes) then changing the manifolds does seem to add a bit more zip to the engine. If you are on here's what's been done to my 2 Boxsters.
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