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Finally getting around to having the clutch done. Decided to do the IMS ( using the Pelican Parts replacement ) and RMS done at the same time, seems to make sense. As I was waiting for the flatbed today, I decided to put the top down in the garage… no dice. Hoping it's a fuse, relay or bad contacts on either. Windows go down with the latch but nothing from the button, handbrake is on, no convertible light in the dash though (only at startup). Got to reprogram the key as it's pretty much sat for two months. I noticed the tumbler didn't immediately retract when the key was removed the first few times. Same thing happened with the top when I test drove the car before buying it. It correct itself by the time I got it home. The joys of "vintage" car ownership. I'm hoping if I put some lock grease on the key that will fix that problem and maybe the top not retracting is just as easy. Got a few more months to full on convertible season to find out!
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