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Thanks guys!
There are several mining ghost towns up in the Colorado Rockies as well, and with the thin air and cold temps, they remain surprisingly well preserved even though they're mostly wood structures.
I appreciate the link, coreseller! I'll check that out after work.

Found some additional pics online:
Hickory, OK school ca. 1905 (current pic above)

Gas station in Hickory, ca. 1920s.

Roff, OK ca. 1910.

Sulphur Springs, ca. 1903. The original Artesian Hotel.

Sulphur Springs, ca. 1900. Train depot.

Sulphur Springs, 1890s.

1902: The Bland Hotel in Sulphur Springs was to be one of the largest and most modern in the Midwest, but was never completed. The federal government purchsed the land the town occupied and turned it into a large preserve. Residents were paid to move out, the buildings demolished. (Although some were moved to a new location).

The Artesian survived only because it fell just outside the land purchase. It burned down in 1962. The materials from the Bland had been used to build it.
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