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Took Boxster on Ghost Town trip....

One of my odd hobbies, researching and hunting down ghost town sites. The more remote, the more fun.
Normally this is a job for the Jeep, but i have it loaned out to my Dad, whose car is in the shop, so I took the beater Boxster this time.
Made the trip even more fun because of all the narrow twisty back-roads encountered. The old Box never missed a beat.
(Sorry for the cell phone pics, but i forgot to pack my camera bag in my haste to get going)

Where the hell is that attendant?

Roff, OK. Some interesting architecture in the once thriving town.

Very little left of Hickory, OK. The birthplace of the cartoonist Zack Moseley, who worked on Buck Rogers and created the Adventures of Smilin Jack in the 1930s.

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