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Interior door handle light

New 2001 Boxster owner here! Feel privileged to be a part of such knowledgeable community as it helped me ALREADY with lots of good info before I even bought the car.

On to the issue: My car has been sitting in the garage unlocked for about a week of me not using it. I go to start it today... and it won't crank! Battery. Mind you I live in Chicago area and it did get pretty cold here lately but I was really surprised to see a dead battery after only a week of driving.

I've noticed that the small door handle lamps are dimly lit inside of the car, even with the doors locked. I think it's pretty crazy and will always cause startup issues if the car sits for a few days. Have any of you experienced this?

Btw, I did leave the car unlocked for that past week so I'm not sure if those interior lights eventually turn off with locked doors.

Would like to hear your opinion seasoned 986 owners.

Thanks in advance!
2001 Boxster 2.7L 5-speed
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