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Originally Posted by woodsman View Post
While it's true that there's much that can be more easily improved, stiffness IS the foundation with which all else rests. Can 'we' feel it as we enter or exit a corner or flow over a dip or bump? I think so. I test drove a 911 a while back and was surprised at the noticeable improvement- I went over some train tracks at 40 km and swear I could Feel the roof rails! Ever since I've been wondering how to improve the otherwise spectacular Boxster chassis. Those excellent pics don't show 2 major structures along either side of the floor. These are used when jacking the car up and/or for jack stands. Perhaps they could be fortified. Also I think adding an additional bar ( with triangulation) in the lower door openings perhaps 6-8" above the sill would be of the most benefit. Entering and exiting wouldn't suffer much- it's just the install--weld, bolt or bond?
A bolt-in cage might be the most cost-effective way to improve Boxster chassis stiffness. It also offers a lot more driver protection for motorsport. I favor a custom welded cage for safety but they are also a lot more $$$.
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