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I have carbon fibre strut braces front and rear, together with my zeintech hardtop and being lowered by about 30mm, I can say the car feels a lot stiffer than before these mods.

I am planing to build a carbon fibre shell that covers all the 'open' areas when my hardtop is removed with speedster humps, the idea is to build it structurally so that it stiffens the car up when clipped into position. This would be lighter than the zeintop and could possibly offer as much 'stiffness'
de-snorkeled, clear lights, sports exhaust, zeintec hard top, zein wing, B&M short shifter, DesignTek lowering springs, DesignTek carbon fibre strut brace front and rear, 18'' carerra 5 spokes, semi slick tyres, entire soft top delete, engine cover delete,red console,L&N deep sump, volo performance chip, raptor shift light, de-cat'ed, OEM GT3 bucket seats.
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