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Hi Dja,
My 03s had exactly the same symptons as your car after last Winters layup, car ran faultllessly the first day back on the road, then on the second day whilst slowing down at the outskirts of a small village the-warning light came, temperature maxed and a pool of coolant appeared below the engine. I let it cool down and topped up the cooling system but to no avail, it just repeated the previous performance, so I had to have it trailered home. I phoned my non franchised Porsche guy and without hesitation he replied " stick a new coolant cap on it and buy a spare to keep, its a common fault ".
I didn't believe it would make a difference, but low and behold it completely cured the problem, also when I purchased the cap from the Dealer , the spare parts guy told me that he sold quite a few caps every year.
Note.. My Boxsters trunk never got soaked when the coolant boiled, only a little trace of condensation around the outside of the filler.
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